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Our splendid day begins at around 8:30 a.m., and we pick you up at the place you are staying (Porto area). Then, we will embark towards Douro valley in a luxurious and comfortable vehicle equipped with Wi-Fi, fresh water and other treats so that your trip is as pleasant as possible.

Before we enter the Douro region, we will make a brief stop to see Amarante, a lovely and historic city that is located near the banks of the Tamega River (a tributary of Douro). It marks the end of the "Vinho Verde" region. There, you will delight yourself with some traditional pastries that are called "doces conventuais".

Back on the road, after passing Serra do Marão, you will realize we have just entered one of the oldest wine-growing regions in the world, where we will have the opportunity to tell you relevant stories about the Douro region.

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Even before lunch, we’ll visit a traditional wine producer and you'll understand why wine became the main way of life for this population and its importance. Various kinds of this precious nectar will be available for you to taste, and you will discover wines from native grape varieties that are taking the world by surprise due to its superior quality and uniqueness.

It’s lunchtime, and we really appreciate this because a good meal is also an act of culture. So we invite you to enjoy exceptional food from ancient recipes prepared slowly by the hands of Douro's people. A good Douro DOC wine is the ideal partner for this kind of meal (if you have some type of food intolerance/restriction, please let us know at the moment of your reservation).

After this large meal, nothing better than a stroll through a typical village, where it seems time has stopped. It's the perfect place to explore and learn more about this wine-growing region’s centuries old heritage.

Then we will go toward the Douro River and you will be dazzled by the astonishing landscapes the region provides. You will not give your camera a rest, photographing vineyards on steep slopes, cultivated through the centuries in an almost superhuman effort. When we get to Pinhão, another village, it’s time to enjoy a relaxing boat ride that will amaze you as we navigate slowly between hills and vineyards where roads can’t be seen for miles.

The adventure doesn’t end here and we’ll move towards the next Wine Estate. We will follow an impressive road near the river with amazing views of the terraced hillsides and you will comprehend why this road was named the most beautiful road in the world to drive. This journey will end on a visit to an old winery, located in a wonderful place, where you will have the opportunity to experiment several of the best "nectars" in the region in an authentic exploration of the senses.

With a full heart and a contented soul we will return to Oporto.

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