How to book a tour with Douro Promenade?
- “Douro Roots” and “Sommelier Promenade” Tours Go to the respective tour page and click on reservation. Choose the available date, indicate the Pick-up & Drop-off locations (Oporto area) and indicate if you have any food restrictions. Then just pay 50% of the total amount (the rest will be paid at the beginning of the tour). You will receive an email with the confirmation. - “Douro Superior” and “Tailored tour” Go to the respective tour page and click on reservation. Choose the available dates and send a message with as much information about what you want: places you would like to visit; type of places to stay (more luxurious or more familiar); food restrictions, etc. Within 48h you will receive an email with the tour description and respective budget. If accepted, you will receive instructions to make 50% of the payment.
Are Tours entirely private, or can we travel with unknown people?
Our tours are entirely private and exclusive to you. No one else will join the trip except the expert guide who will accompany you all day.
How long does a tour take?
- “Douro Roots” and “Sommelier Promenade”: Typically takes 9-10 hours. It depends on the last winery visited and to potential unforeseen circumstances such as traffic. If you are planning to have dinner in Porto is better to reserve from 8:00 pm - “Douro Superior” and “Tailored tour”: the time the tour takes is as long as you wish. We recommend for “Douro Superior” at least 3 days.
How many wineries do we visit?
Typically we visit 2 wineries (on 1-day tours) and 4 (on Douro Superior tours) Each visit takes about 90 min. In addition to tasting, you wil receive a thorough overview and detailed description of the winemaking process. You also have the opportunity to walk through the vineyards and view the vines up to close. If we have time, or there is no river cruise (due to weather or daylight constraints) we can visit a 3rd winery.
what are the wineries we visit?
We don't always visit the same wineries, so we don't have a list to give you. However, you can be sure that the wineries chosen by us produce excellent wines, have historical value and are the most respected in the Douro wine community (whether large or family wineries).
May I choose the wineries ?
Of course you can, just choose our tailored tour. Tell us in advance which wineries you would like to visit and we will take care of everything. If you need help, we have tons of suggestions according to your interests (wich types of wine do you like best? ;Would you like to have a picnic at a winery?; etc.)
Is there a lot of walking required on the tour?
No, there is minimal walking involved. There are opportunities to explore the vineyards or a wine village, so the amount of walking is up to you
What to wear in Douro Valley?
We recommend wearing casual clothes and comfortable shoes as we can do short walks In Summer, use light and comfortable clothing in breathable fabrics like cotton, linen or rayon, as the weather can be extremely hot on some occasions (min 15ºC/58ºF, max 38ºC/100ºF). On private boat cruises, bring a bathing suit and a towel if you want to bathe in the waters of the Douro river. For sun protection we advise on wearing a hat, sunglasses and carry a sun protection cream In Winter, use warm and comfortable clothing since the region reaches low temperatures at that time of the year (min 2ºC/36ºF, max 12ºC/54ºF)
What is included in the tour price?
In our 1-day tours (Douro Roots” and “Sommelier Promenade”), the price is all inclusive, except gratuities (optional) and personal expenses. It’s included: -Pick Up & Drop Off: you pick the place (Oporto & Gaia) -Luxurious and comfortable vehicle equipped with Wi-Fi, fresh water and other treats -Exclusive native guide -Guided tour to 2 historic wine-producing farms (DOC and Port Wine tasting included) -Lunch (full course menu) accompanied by Douro DOC wines (on Sommelier Promenade tour it’s a signature cuisine meal & wine-pairing) -1 hour boat cruise (on Sommelier Promenade tour it’s a private cruise) -Personal accidents insurance In “Tailored tour” and “Douro Superior” tours, inclusions will be specified in the budget provided
Are there any hidden fees or extra costs?
A convenience fee will be charged on each reservation. If you cancel, the fee is refundable.
What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel your booking, you should notify us immediately. Cancelling a book with can result in cancellation fees applied by us. Please, check the following terms: - More than 30 days before the scheduled departure: there is no cancellation fee; - From 30 to 07 days before the scheduled departure: 50% cancellation fee; - Less than 07 days or no show: 100% cancellation fee