Vintage Port bottles

Do you know which Port Wine should be consumed at the time of its opening?

Port Wine is an ex-libris of Portugal. A very unique wine that attracts appreciators all over the world and is a showcase of a terroir […]
landscape with vines in douro valley

Did you know that there are about 150 grape varieties listed in the Douro region?

The grape variety is a vine variety with certain particular characteristics (type of foliage, format of bunch, grape taste and aroma, etc.). A variety reacts […]
One of the best Douro red wines

Did you know that DOURO DOC still wines are already a reference on the world?

The vineyards where the famous Port Wine is produced are the same ones where table wines of great potential are also produced: the “Douro“. However, […]
world’s most expensive bottle of Port Wine

Do you know which is the world’s most expensive bottle of Port Wine ?

The most expensive bottle of Port Wine was sold at an auction in Hong Kong by the Acker Merrall & Condit auctioneer and its sale […]
Phylloxera in Douro region

Did you know that Phylloxera marked an Era in the history of wine?

It can be said that the history of wine can be divided into 2 Eras: B.P (before phylloxera) and A.P. (after phylloxera). What is Phylloxera […]

Did you know that V.N.Foz Côa is the only Portuguese county that has 2 World Heritage sites?

Located in Douro Superior, Vila Nova de Foz Côa is a sole case in Portugal by having 2 World Heritage sites in its territory: Alto […]